Saturday, March 12, 2011

Malaysians can be so rude!!!

Honestly, I never expected to come face-to-face with that ugly side of people living in Malaysia but I did and it occurred yesterday night as I was eating dinner with my family. We were at IOI Bolevard to eat dinner at JM Barani House...Sorry if I did spell it wrongly but I am not a very good speller...Anyway, we were driving out of the parking lot in the basement and we stopped to pay at the machine located at the exit and there was a man there. We insert the token into the slot and as we tried to put coins into the machine, the man finally opened his mouth and told us that we can't pay with coins there.Now, he should have told us that we can only pay with notes before allowing us to place the token inside and causing a jam at the exit but he didn't. that is like the typical Malaysian attitude to keep silent and be selfish so my dad told him off saying "You could have told us before you let us put in the token" and the man just ignored my dad and pressed the eject button. Next, as he was passing the token to my dad, the man unintentionally dropped it onto the ground and instead of looking for it. He just looked away and ignored my dad's calling.

Dad: Excuse me. The token fell on the ground. Can you help us?
Man: You ambil sendiri la(You take it yourself)
Dad: Excuse me but you dropped it and it is difficult for a driver to get out of the
car and I am causing a jam now.(There was a line of cars behind our car)
Man:You jatuhkan jadi ambil sendiri. Itu kamu punya pasal(You dropped it on the
floor so take it by yourself. That's your problem.)
Dad:(shocked)You are really rude, you know. You dropped it so you should help us.
You are just standing there so you can help us out.
Man:Eh, itu bukan saya punya pasal so jangan panggil saya rude. You are the one.
(Eh, that's not my problem so don't call me rude)

And my dad started cursing him as he was getting the token and the only words the man said was no, you are. I mean if that's service, I rather park somewhere else. That man is so rude and I do hope he will get what goes around to him as revenge. He should get fired as he is the worst employer ever!!!How can you treat customers like that?? Where did he learn his manners from???A zoo??? I mean he should have helped us but he just stood there and I mean seriously they can even replace him with a dummy and no one would realize it!!!!I think that the management should look up on this matter as he is really not a good employer at all. He can be fired for his rudeness and I am so ashamed to call myself a Malaysian when we have these type of rude people in our country. These type of people are ruining our country's good image!!! That man might hate his job but he should not take it out on other people as it's not anyone's fault but his. Attitude adjustment program for him!!!


  1. Well, You are Malaysian and that's how you get treated, I've been living in Malaysia as a foreigner for a couple of years, and you know what? This kind of story that bothered you happens every single day I walk out of my home, and it's not just being rude, they are cheaters, they cheat you in any possible way to take some money, here is just one drop out of a sea: I was driving and a van driver banged my car from the left and he started cursing at me (while he was the one who changed lane without even turning on the signal light) and then he started acting like he doesn't understand anything, and the policeman who came later didn't even tried to help me out and tried to tell me I have no rights and I better get into my car and leave!, there are lots of issues, people who simply park in a lot you have been waiting for, cheating people who give you the wrong information to get more money,taxi drivers,salespersons, ignorant people who like what you said, and to all malaysians, please dont tell me that I should not include the whole nation and there are exceptions and so on, as I said I've been living in malaysia for a couple of years, and of course I met nice people but terrible experiences were alot more , as many as I don't see any reason to continue staying here, I can't feel comfortable anymore, that's why I'm leaving soon!

  2. Dear Bta, I apologize on behalf of Malaysia especially for those rude Malaysians whom you met with on your stay here...And I do hope you decide to come back again one day for a visit and by that time, people have changed although I doubt that there will be much changes...

    I have met some pretty friendly Malaysians so I can't say that everyone of us are rotten apples because we're not all like that, I assure you!!!And I'm so sorry that you had to experience that because I haven't but I know these things happen and I'm aware of it...Thank you for taking your time to reply and sharing your story and sorry for my late respond but I wasn't aware that anyone had responded...THANK YOU!! Have a safe trip whereever you're heading!!!

  3. Living (studied now working) in this country for 8 years, finally decided to leave purely because Malaysian are becoming so rude and aggressive day by day not only to foreigners their own people. Gangsters number ever increasing, people like to chew including administration foreigners money every single way they can. Once a taxi driver keep rounding on the same place just to run his meter more and charge me double to even triple. I asked him to stop he says go away from my country!! Visited few countries in the world, richer or poorer than Malaysia but never seen majority of the population are so rude.