Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SPM Results!!!!

So, SPM results was released on the 23rd of March 2011(obviously it's 2011 as stated on the date above) and it fell on the same day as my mum's birthday!!! I am serious and she told me that I better get good...correction excellent results for SPM because she had brought me to TGIF as an early celebration and that's when my jaws dropped hard on the table. I had eaten almost the entire pasta dish before she had told me the reason for that wonderful feast and if I had knew about that motive, I would have chosen to eat at a hawker stall!!!

I arrived at my former high school after breakfast with my friends and we were excited yet nervous about our result and the students stared at us as if we were aliens or something...And I was greeted by several of my juniors so it was great!!!I felt like a celebrity!!! As we waited for our result, one of my friend cried and boy, did it sink in that I might actually had messed up my examination completely with my laziness!!! As all my friends had gotten their results, I begun to panic inside and it was my turn!!! I was sweating like a cow and my teacher told me to sign it which I did.
Me: Sign it?(Teacher nods)
Teacher: Write 4A beside it.
Me: Why 4A??? What does that mean???

Being a really blur person, it didn't occur to me that my teacher had just told me my results and I just wrote it. I refused to look at my results despite having it in my hands until I knew that it was truly over and it was time to contact my parents to inform them. I was so shocked when I saw 4A as I had expected at least 5A but it was good enough for me as I had needed 5 credits. The best news was my best friend had gotten 9A and 1B!!! I was so happy for her as she deserved it!!! So, that's how I managed to survive being killed by my parents for my almost terrible results but I guess now it's time to focus on college!!! A new beginning for me!!!

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