Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Exams...Exams....End of My World?!?

Seriously, I am kind of sick of examination papers!!! Wait, I always hated exams due to my last minute cramming and the boring lectures given from primary school till high school...correction since kindergarten times. I still remember reading Chinese!!! I still can't believe that a 'banana' like me had learn Chinese and scored 100 for my exams!!! Yes, I was a nerd once in my life!!!Now I am as lazy as a pig!!!! Hehe!!!

Back to the topic, I just sat for a mock Moral test last week plus my midterm Malaysian Studies exam and my hand is killing me!!! This week, I have my midterms for Moral studies and next week is my trial examination for LAW!!! See what I mean by too many exams at one time!!! And the worse part is I am an extremely slow writer!! No kidding!!! Imagine a snail moving and that's my speed to write. No wonder my friends called me kura-kura (turtle) at one time. Wait, turtles aren't that slow!!! Or are they??? Whatever about that. I am rushing against time right now to study for my moral studies test which is TOMORROW MORNING!!!! GASP!! What a way to start a morning, right??? Bet the lecturers must be thrilled at the torture they put students through... Sigh... Time to study!!! Wish me all the best!!!


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