Sunday, March 27, 2011

Celebrities and their pants down!!! Gasp!!!

Well, I'm back once more and today I am going to talk about celebrities and their 'habits' of taking pictures of themselves in compromising positions which leads to bad publicity. I mean seriously what were they thinking when they took those pictures and keeping these private pictures in their laptops, phones and email inbox. They are celebrities and it's obvious that people would hack their accounts and look for anything to post on the web!!! Here are several well known celebrities that have been caught red-handed.

First, the lead singer form Paramore, Hayley Williams. Her topless picture was released on twitter and it was confirmed to be the singer herself.

Singer Cassie best known for her songs 'Long way to go" and "Is it You" was caught on a sex tape with Kanye West and a nude picture showing her topless. She even tweeted that it was her!!! So shocking!!!

Former star of the Hannah Montana show, Miley Cyrus shocked everyone with her sudden transformation from a sweet innocent girl to a more matured and dark look. She shocked the world when a picture was released of her dancing suggestively with Adam Shankman who was much older than her. She was also caught on camera smoking bong and giggling soon after as well as another picture of her and her dancer in a shocking position. GASP!!! Who would have knew what she would become???

The latest Disney star, Demi Lovato when through a major breakdown last year with her ex, Joe Jonas and her many problems in her life such as her battle with her weight. She was caught with her dancer in an akward position and had checked herself into rehab after she struggled to cope with Joe and Ashley Greene being together. The star is currently out of rehab but is keeping a low profile.

So, the lesson from this few stars is to never keep pictures that may ruin your reputation on your phones or even laptops. These stars are just the beggining. An expert at having scandal pictures of herself is Vanessa Hudgens, the former star of High School Musical who has three scandals in the last four years!!! That's a record that many would gladly reject!!! Some stars never learn from their first times....


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  1. I recently noticed the lead singer of Paramore and Lindsay Lohan (and) Miley Cyrus look really similar.