Thursday, March 17, 2011

NERD....Don't think so!!!!

Anyway, I decided to write on this topic for several reasons.

1. Apparently, I look like a nerd who studies all the time
2. I don't look like I am stressed out about anything
3. My behavior is like a genius

The truth is I was a little upset with people's assumption that I study all the time and that I have NO LIFE!!! I was approached by several college mates who asked these questions or told me this statements.
"Are you a straight A student?"
"You look smart so this lessons must be easy for you."
"You must study a lot as your face is so clear not like the other students here"

I mean I didn't say anything at all and they love to assume that I am SMART!!! I tell them the truth and they laugh at my face!!! They actually think that I lie!!! I don't lie!!!Okay, I did a few times to save my sorry butt but it was urgent. Yes, I am lying again so sue me if it is that bad...I'm just kidding so don't do it!!! OR I will do it to you next time!!!Do it if you want to actually give me free cash without any hard work...Or if you are seriously rich!!! Hehe!!! Make my day a happy one!!!
I would like to clarify that I do not study hard at all. I am a lazy college student but which student isn't???Oh right, nerds. So what if I have great skin? Heard of things called facial wash??? That's for the face to use with WATER!!!! Just put some on your hand and scrub your face...hard....Just kidding...If you actually did scrub hard, your face is probably red by now...Hehe!!And the reason I look relax???It's because I always live a carefree life so sue me for enjoying life as it is...if you can find a law to sue me that is...Hehe!!!
The conclusion is I can never wear glasses or wear my pants high at my waist...Hehe!!

To the nerds in the world, I do not mean to insult you guys. You make the world better with your great minds so keep it up but unfortunately I will not join you guys to do so....I am just an average girl...with a low IQ!!! Love to all the nerds!!!

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