Friday, March 4, 2011

Driving Exam tomorrow!!!

Anyway, I'm back to talk about my driving test tomorrow but don't worry as I will technically not be on the road, driving like a maniac....yet but tomorrow is my theory exam!!! Well, I have been busy these two weeks and I didn't have much time to read everything so now I'm cramming everything into my pea sized brain and hopefully it will stay inside my head until tomorrow after the test. I actually supposed to be doing the questions now but I'm almost done with the 5oo questions already so I decided to take a break from looking at the plain looking book and falling asleep. I am so excited yet I am freaked out!! I don't want to fail this test!!! I need to pass this test!!! I know that I can!!! Wow!!!I sound like the little train that said he could. "I know I can. I know I can". And then it does work out for the train. But I'm not really sure about me...I do hope that lady luck is smiling down upon me this time and many other times too. I better end this blogging thing soon or my mum might just kill me for not studying for the test. Wish me all the best!!!

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