Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Moon Is Coming!!!!

The sequel for twilight is coming and I can't wait!!!! Just a few more months and it is in cinemas everywhere!!! In case some of you didn't read the book, it is Bella's birthday and she is depressed as she is getting older and Edward would forever remain 17!!! She celebrates her birthday with the Cullens and after a paper cut, Jasper, Edward's brother nearly attacks her. That incident made Edward realise that it wasn't safe for her to be with him and he is forced to break her heart by telling her that he doesn't love her anymore and she believed him. The whole Cullen family leaves Forks and she is alone and lives her life but she can't forget the heartbreak. After 5 months, she went to La Push and became closer to her friend, Jacob and she started doing dangerous stunts just to hear Edward's voice like riding a motorbike and getting injured. Meanwhile, Victoria is trying to hunt Bella and kill her for the death of her mate, James( died in Twilight) because Edward and the whole Cullen family had been responsible for his death. Jacob confesses his feelings towards Bella but she still loves Edward and she ask him for some time. After a few weeks, Jacob dissappears and he starts acting weirdly. While trackking alone in the woods, looking for the meadow, Bella meets another vampire, Laurent( from Twilight) and she lies about the Cullens leaving. He told her a part of Victoria's plan to kill her and wanted to kill her instead but she was saved by a pack of wolves. At night, Jacob visits Bella and pleads to her to figure out what he was and told her to try and remember the rest of the Quileute legends. She falls asleep and had a dream of him being a werewolf and she soon figures it out but acccepts him anyway. While Jacob and the other werewolves were trackking Victoria down, Bella attempts cliff diving and almost drowns but she was saved by Jacob. Edward's sister, Alice visits and is shocked to find Bella alive and due to a miscommunication, Edward heads to the royal family, the Volturi to end his life. Bella and Alice goes after him and Bella manages to save him in a nick of time. After a meeting with the Volturi, a deal was made that Bella would have to become a vampire or meet death as she knows too much. After returning to Forks, Edward explains to Bella the reason he left her and she tells him of Victoria. She went to the Cullen's house and a meeting was held to decide if Bella was to remain a human or be transformed to a vampire. Edward was against the decision as he doesn't want Bella's life to be thrown away because of him. The story ends with the decision to be made after her graduation and Bella is hoping for Edward to transform her insted of Carlislie and he agrees reluctantly to do so if she marries him first, the one thing that Bella is not ready for.

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