Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wishing Star

She looked out the window with eyes that poured out tears and her heart sank that she'd barely noticed the dark shadows that filled her room. Her love and destiny had deserted her and she'd broken down without shame. He was her entire life and her only love that she'd trusted him to guard her deepest secrets but he'd never cherished them all. What did i do to deserve this misfourtune to fall upon me, she thought to herself. It was like darkness had consumed her and her heart bore a wound that would never heal even through endless time and love that would someday come. She'd cried for days in that tiny room and her grief never went away with the tears that she'd shed and her heart always called out for him. Life passed by and the tears passed gradually that she'd felt numb and emotionless but she'd carried on strong and never grief for him as she'd passed by him and new girlfriend with that long shiny hair and radiant porcelain skin that she'd seemed perfect compared to her. In the end, he'd come back for her, begging for her to take him back but the words that came out from her mouth was shocking to her and she told him that it's over between them. That night as she stared out her window, she spotted a wishing star and as it passed by she made a wish to find true love someday. She thought softly to herself that there is hope for all after all. The End!!!
Thanks for reading!!! I'd just decided to write this as i was bored but I hope that you enjoyed reading it!!! This is fully my own creatino and please do not copy this and claim it as you own.

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