Saturday, September 10, 2011

Last Post For Now!!!

Okay...Wondering why I haven't been updating my blog recently, huh??? It's really simple and I know it seems a little extreme but I have decided to stop updating any of my social media accounts until the end of November as you see I seem to spend most of my time, writing about my every thoughts and my days here which is a little waste of time...Okay, it's a lot more than little but I love to underestimate things....It makes me look better if I put it like that!!

So sorry to everyone reading this blog but I will NOT be updating this blog so please do keep tuning on to check for updates after two months and thank you for being patient!!! Please do not hesitate to follow this blog or even to comment so I might improve my blog for your entertainment!!! Thanks people!!!

So, this is my last post for a while and I wanted to end it with a LOUD BANG!!!! Okay, not with some BIG fireworks or to set something on fire because I doubt it's impossible to do that on a computer and even if we could, I can't do that... Not because it may be illegal or something worse but more like I am not really good at technology so it's impossible for me!!!

Reasons why I am NOT updating this blog after this...

1. Wasting my time when I should be studying
2. My exams are coming...30 days left...
3. My hectic schedule starts next week which means I have NO time even if I wanted to come online!!!

So, what is there to say before I end this last post for this month???

Well, here are the reasons why I will not change my mind anytime soon...

1. I have stopped for 1 week now until i broke my promise today....
2. I am not smart enough to balance enjoyment and studies so I have to sacrifice one...
3. My attention span isn't exactly long...I can barely sit still for an hour!!!
4. I am freaking out about my FINALS!!! GASP!!!!
5. My brain is telling me to STUDY so I have to!!!

Anyway, thank you all for reading and please continue to do so!!! I promise to be back after my finals so please stay tuned for my BIG COMEBACK!!! Yeah, it's like a big celebrity concert in my mind.... I am going to be posting more about celebrities, my current obsessions, and many more so don't miss this golden chance!!!

That's all for now and see you all in three months time!!!

The writer of this blog who seems to be in love with most things for no apparent reasons and who loves to get high on sugar!!!


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