Saturday, September 10, 2011

Goodbye For NOW!!!!

Just a little song to get me in the mood to say goodbye to this blog for the time being...I know it's for a good cause but it's really sad... Besides, it's raining right now, outside my window...

Remember to remember me, readers!!! This song is for you all to come back after my three months of silence!!! A true dedication to all my readers.... Enjoy it!!!

The perfect song to say goodbye from the ending credits of The Chronicles of Narnia, the one with Ben Barnes and he was prince Caspian!!! I love this song because it's so hauntingly beautiful to listen to!!!

This was my favorite song for a while and the song was always playing on the radio when I didn't know who sung it until I typed in the song lyrics.... This is such a beautiful duet by two amazing singers!!!

And lastly, I found this song recently from looking on Google for goodbye songs...Lame huh??? Anyway, this song was sung by the British group that I used to listen to as the United Kingdom before they disbanded...Wonder if that's the reason they sang this song???

Anyway, that's all for now!!! Do check these songs out because I picked it so it should be good and the songs have pretty decent lyrics...Thank you!!!


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