Monday, September 3, 2012

First Day Back!!!

So, it was actually a little crazy for me on my first day because...I DIDN'T know a single soul in my class!!! Soul??? Seriously, did I just use that word??? It makes me sound like I'm an angel or something else supernatural so scratch that out!!! What I wanted to say was I was alone in the wild was either swim or sink so thank god I learnt how to swim from a pretty young age!!! Anyways, it wasn't all too bad because I'm not living in one of those overrated and insane shows like Gossip Girls or 90210 and don't get me wrong because I live for dramas like those, I'm just extremely thankful I am not living in one of those nightmares!!! No one tried to bite me or wrote mean stuff about me on some anoynomous blog (not that I am aware of that is!) so I was alright....I meant some of my friends on Facebook whom I was talking to about random things and for some strange reason, everyone knows me from Facebook!!!

People, I appreciate that for some strange reason I am popular on Facebook but my real name isn't Ashley Isabella Choo, that would be so wicked if it were but I'm totally Asian so I only have a Chinese name plus Ashley is my English (Unofficial) name so please don't ask me if you can call me Isabella or Ashley, just call me by my real name or Ashley....Who the heck is Isabella??? I just made it up because my brain is complicated and I just love making things up...Kidding, I don't actually know how I came up with that really long name or maybe it's because of my not so secret love towards Twilight...

I got close to this really awesome friend though, Deborah and she's just...AWESOME!!! Okay, the people I met so far are awesome except the weirdos whom keep approaching me at the LRT station like I am some weirdo magnet!!! Stop approaching me unless I know who you are, people!!! Haven't you ever heard of the rule of NOT TALKING TO STRANGERS??? Hello, you don't know me and I definately do not know you so step back about 100 yards from me!!!

Sorry for not updating for close to two months but I've been having a major migraine and my mum thinks it's my eyes so I need to go for a checkup but I'm fine, people!!!I hate it when my mum is most probably right so please pray that it's nothing serious for me!!! Give me some of your love people!!! Just kidding!!!

And in case you're wondering what Psy is doing on my blog, it's cool!!! And if you're clueless to who PSY is or the OPPA GANGNAM STYLE dance, where in the world have you been, man??? Did you like bump your head or hide under a rock??? It's the current thing that everyone's doing it!!!

Personally I am sooo proud to call myself Malaysian with this pretty cool video and our dancers are not bad!!! I'm actually going to try it because it looks fun plus it's a great workout!!! I'm serious about that!!! It's not easy to do the horse dance so try it if you don't believe me!!! Plus my whole family is doing it too!!! Urgh, oppa Gangnam fever is here!!!!

Till next time, stay awesome peeps!!!

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