Sunday, July 27, 2014


After almost 1 years hiatus from blogging, I am back and I know that it's been soooooo long but it couldn't be helped...over the past year, I have been busy with my studies as well as my attachment at a law firm so that meant reaching home at almost 9 p.m. everyday or later sometimes which depended wholly on my timetable...

Anyways, enough about my boring life since a law student's social life naturally would be zero percent since we're suppose to be busy with our studies in the library as my lecturer puts it and my friends would agree since I haven't met them for over a year now thanks to my insane schedule.

How to begin then??? I have actually forgotten how to blog and my mind is so full of thoughts that I have no idea what to go on blabbing about but here goes....excuse my random rambling but I need some time to fall back into my old flow of writing....

So, I know I used to ramble on and on and on about my crazy obsession with the supernatural world such as vampires, werewolves, ghost, witches and etc but these days, I am still into the whole supernatural idea but just that my interest has died down a little... I haven't caught up with the entire Season 5 of Vampire Diaries!!! Can you imagine??? So many episodes to catch on my last few weeks of my break but basically I lost interest in the show since Elena is pretty much annoying me to the point that I just want to go to her and hit her on the head with a club as she's pretty much the most indecisive girl in the entire planet!!! She's worse than me when I am deciding what to have for lunch or dinner!!!! So, imagine this girl who is stuck between two handsome brothers, in love with both of them and she's technically leading them on and yet no one calls her a player or flirt!!! I personally used to be Team Stelena since I have always been biased towards Stefan but now I find myself so bored at watching that love triangle try its best to untangle that I switch shows halfway!!! And I heard even worst news, CW has renewed the show for another season and seriously, how much more tangled can this love triangle be???
Here we go again...
And shouldn't there be something illegal about sleeping around with two brothers??? I personally feel that the producers shouldn't have created another show for the Originals because I loved the Original Vampires in the Vampire Diaries as Klaus is just so great to watch being the villain and occasional hero...Plus I loved his soft spot for Caroline that everyone keeps using against him and let's hope the producers finds something else more interesting to introduce in the next season besides the usual Stefan-Elena, Damon-Elena triangle..
Klaus: I'm sorry but I have to leave for my own show.
Miss us much???


My sister's got me hooked on a new series, Sleepy Hallows and I have to say that that show is absolutely brilliant... The idea of putting together an apocalypse, the bible, the headless horseman and other mythical creatures is just what I need these days...There's no love triangles between the main characters so that's a major change in the plot...Hopefully the writers don't decide to play along that lines anytime soon because I love that the main guy, Icahbod Crane is still hopelessly in love with his wife who has been dead for 250 years and she's stuck in purgatory because the headless horseman was her former lover who couldn't get over the fact that she was in love with his best friend...I would not want to be caught in that crazy twist...Meanwhile the lead female character, Abbie Mills is a cop who basically lost her partner who lost his head and she has this sister deemed to be insane who isn't actually insane because it seems to be perfectly normal to see supernatural beings in that town...Anyhow, the ending of Season 1 was simply brilliant and I found myself wanting more but that means I would have to wait for a few months now since I finished Season 1 in less than 3 days...
For a 250 years old dead woman, she sure looks good!!!
Even the headless horseman knows how to use a gun!!!
Stay tuned for more of my latest obsessions on television shows!!!


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