Sunday, April 18, 2010


Several days ago, I decided to call up my close friend named Rae Rae to catch up with her as I hadn’t spoke to her for a while due to my busy schedule filled with extra-curricular activities and tuition classes. This is a similar conversation of those several phone calls which changed my life (I’d changed several parts which aren’t related or important but the key points are still here)

Ashley: Hey Rae! How are you?
Rae Rae: Just fine. I missed you. So, why are you calling me?
Ashley: Well, I was curious about something that Cosmos (Another friend) had posted
about on her facebook account several days ago. It said something about her
dislike towards another person so when I asked her, she told me to ask you. So,
who is it?
Rae Rae: Um… How do I put this to words…erm…Could I call you back? I need to call
Cosmos to talk to her.
Ashley: (suspicious but follows along) Sure. Um…okay then.
Rae Rae: I missed you.
Ashley: I missed you too. (Hangs up)

Second Phone Call

Ashley: Hey! So, um… who is it? What happened?
Rae Rae: Erm…why do you wanna know? Are you asking on someone’s behalf? Like
Ashley: (shocked) No. Why would I do that??? (mad at that remark but ignores it) I just
Wanted to know about it. Cosmos refuses to tell me when I’d confronted her
Several days ago so I’m asking you. Who is it?
Rae Rae: Erm…Okay. Who do you think it is?
Ashley: I don’t know. Erm…is it me or Mikayla (another friend)? < Actually I had
Already guessed whom it was referring to but I didn’t wanna say it out>
Rae Rae: No!!! Alrite then. It’s Shelly (New student in my school and my new friend)
Ashley: (Shocked) Huh? Oh. Why?
Rae: Are you close to Cosmos and the other Royalties (Our own friends group)?
Ashley: Yeah. Why?
Rae Rae: Well, several of them had complained about you. They said that you have been
Close to Shelly and Maggie lately.
Ashley: (Mad but controls temper) Yeah. So what? Who are they who said that? I wanna
Know who.
Rae Rae: Okay. Cosmos, Mikayla and Elaine. Cosmos said that you have been really
Close to them and you haven’t talked to her for a long time.
Ashley: That’s because she didn’t come to school and I talked to her on
Wednesday to discuss about the dancing thing with Shelly.
Rae Rae: Okay then. Imagine that there were two boats before you and you had to choose
One. Which would you choose? The Royalties or Shelly & Maggie?
Ashley: Both then. Can’t I be in the middle? Choice that I make in this question>
Rae Rae: (in a firm tone) No. You can only choose one based on your friendship.
Ashley: (confused) Erm… um… I don’t know. Can’t I be in the middle?
Rae Rae: No. You MUST choose one boat so which one?
Ashley: (pressured to answer, stressed out) Erm…the Royalties. Point but honestly which friends would ask their friend to choose between two
Groups of friends? It didn’t seem right.>
Rae Rae: Okay.
Ashley: What else did she say? (close to tears)
Rae Rae: She complained about Shelly and she couldn’t tell you because you were
Always in two unwanted companies and busy with them.
Ashley: No. She could have pulled me away from them and told me but she didn’t. Even
When I stood in front of her class with Kat, herself and Apple. She didn’t say a
Word. We were alone without those two. So, what is she talking about?
Rae Rae: She couldn’t. She said that she couldn’t because you were surrounded by those
Two girls. Even in the morning before the bell rings, you are always talking to
Them. Anyone who talks to me!!! Ask Ejay!!!>
Ashley: No!!! What do you expect me to do? Sit by myself everyday without any friends
And only with the Royalties who are on duty? I need some company and they
Are there too so why can’t I talk? (Voice cracking but holding back tears)
Rae Rae: I meant don’t be so close to them. You can talk but balance it out.
Ashley: I am trying to mix them to make my life easier but apparently some people can’t
Seem to get along with Shelly and Maggie. Mixing them? M&M sweets?>
Rae Rae: Don’t they have their own group of friends? Maggie has her own friends so
Can’t she sit with them? And why is Shelly sitting with you?
Ashley: Maggie had no one else as her boyfriend has left the school!!! I’m the closest to
Her in class!!!< Rae’s comment made me really pissed> She has no choice and
Shelly is with Jac. Are you sure that Cosmos doesn’t hate Shelly because she
Likes ‘him’?
Rae Rae: Of course not. She said that she is over him. < Something that I will point out
Ashley: Are you sure about that? She could have told you a different story but inside…
Rae Rae: She does not like him anymore. She hates it when Shelly ask her about ‘him’
And also her attitude.
Ashley: What’s wrong with her attitude and why would she ask Cosmos about ‘him’?
I’m closer to Shelly than Cosmos so there should be no reason to do so.
Rae Rae: She acts like a …b***h! And when I came to visit you all at school, she rolled
Her eyes. < Another misunderstanding>
Ashley: No she didn’t. She can’t help her attitude as someone had influenced her a little.
She liked you. She said that you were nice. I’m pretty sure that there’s some-
Thing else to it.
Rae Rae: So if you had to save someone between Cosmos and Shelly, who would you
Choose to save?
Ashley: Obviously both. I can’t let any of my friends die!!!
Rae Rae: Okay then. If both of them had a problem then who would you help?
Ashley: < Either answer and I’m screwed> Erm…depends on how serious it is.
Rae Rae: No. It’s just a problem that they face. So who? Based on who you are
Closer to.
Ashley: Erm…um…I don’t know. I will just help both.
Rae Rae: No. Only one answer.
Ashley: < As a friend to both, I am entitled to help both of them> um…Mayee then.
Rae Rae: Okay. Just spend more time with Cosmos and the rest. She is your best
Friend. < Another thing to point out>
Ashley: Hello? I had to be close you all before we became close friends, right?
So, why can’t I be close to them?
Rae Rae: Because Cosmos will NEVER accept them into our friends group!!! We
Are your close friends!!!
Ashley: Yeah but Shelly and I have much more in common compared to Cosmos and
Me!!! Its so unfair towards Maggie & Shelly. < Purely cruel!!!> It’s a free world
And there are no rules which said that I can’t only be close to a group. How about
When I head to college? (Furious)
Girl: Hey!!! Wanna be friends with me?
Ashley: Oh!!! Sorry but I can’t as I already have a group of friends and they don’t allow
Me to befriend anyone else.
Rae Rae: All the Royalties will never accept them!!! They hate them!!!
Ashley: They have done nothing wrong! Anyway, I have tuition now! Bye!
Rae Rae: You know we still love you, right? Sorry for breaking your heart. Are you al-
Ashley: (holding back tears) Yeah. I’m fine. Um…bye! (hangs up)

*blows nose* I need to stop now as I am in tears while I recall this bitter conversation.

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