Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Breaking Dawn and Vampire Frenzy...

Okay, I am already breaking my promise to myself to stop blogging until my exams are over but since I already broke the promise 2 post ago, forget about my vow of Chasity that I made to no one but myself... Plus I'm addicted with letting the entire world know what I'm up to since there's nothing else I can do...Yes, I'm on my study break now so this is the only thing I can do since my phone decided to die on me when I was relying on it so badly...

Curse you, phone...Seriously??? Of all the times to die and you do it when I need to use you??? I guess it's true what people say when you need something, it isn't there...Yes, there goes another thing that I killed on my long list of things that I either destroyed or killed while using it... My hands are like a killer machine which are born to destroy anything it touches... Luckily my sister can talk and do things herself or she might be on that list... So now, I'm probably the only teenager at home left with a phone that's alive but not functioning like a PHONE!!! Seriously, why is it still alive since it's practically dead anyway??? It's like a token to torment me every time I stare at it... WHY!?! WHY ME!?!?!

The only phone I did throw around more than three times the entire time I had you...Well, I did fling it once while playing the bowling game in the phone but it was fine!!! And besides, it was only ONCE!!!

24 December 2009- 7 November 2011

Next topic, the music video of "A Thousand Years by Christina Perri is out"!!! And it's one of the songs from Breaking Dawn Part 1!!! I think the song fits really well to the whole concept of Edward and Bella's love and the music video is so beautiful...I love candles and the way it makes things look so peaceful and warm... Too bad my mum doesn't allow me to light any in my room since I am so clumsy that I might end up burning my entire house down...Hehe!!! Watch the video right here...

Just scroll down and you'll find it here...

There it is!!! I did say that I would update as much as possible on the Twilight series since my blog is dedicated to the entire Twilight series and I know most of my post are about my life and other obsession but hey, I don't live in America so getting the news isn't easy for me...

Frankly, I think it's cool that the Breaking Dawn OST has gone towards a more pop like feel rather than the usual indie music thing that was going on in the last three movies but I was disappointed that MUSE, the Music gods weren't on the soundtrack!!! I mean even Stephanie Meyers said that they were the inspiration to the story so why aren't they on the soundtrack??? Are they trying to ruin my life??? First, Paramore left after the Twilight OST and now, MUSE??? Has the world gone mad??? In case, those of you missed out on the entire soundtrack list...I'll post it here for you all so enjoy...

1. The Joy Formidable-Endtapes
2. Bruno Mars-It Will Rain
3. Sleeping At Last-Turning Page
4. Christina Perri-A Thousand Years
5. Theophilus London-Neighbours
6. The Belle Brigade-I Didn't Mean It
7. Noisettes-Sister Rosette (2011 Version)
8. Cider Sky-Northern Lights
9. Iron & Wine-Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version)
10. Imperial Mammoth-Requiem on Water
11. Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz-Cold
12. Mia Maestro-Llovera
13. Carter Burwell-Love death Rebirth

So, there goes another of the series and I can't wait for it!!! My heart is pumping with adrenaline and I don't really care about my phone now although all the trailers are in my phone because Breaking Dawn Part 1 is coming soon and nothing is going to stop me from watching except maybe my mum...Hehe!!!

Well, I am dying to find out what's going on in Vampire Diaries since I am missing season 3 right now...The last time I checked Stefan was high on human blood and Damon is officially in love with Elena as we all know that... Caroline is a vampire living with her mother who is hunting vampires and she's in love with Matt and maybe even with Tyler who is a werewolf...Why is it in every movie and show that where there are vampires, there's bound to be werewolves??? I mean isn't the vampires a BIG problem already and now werewolves??? That's like double the trouble.... Bonnie is still the only witch and she's with Elena's brother, Jeremy and he's also seeing his two exs who were both vampires that died...What is it with the entire Gilbert family and dating vampires??? Elena's in a mess because she has lost her real parents as well as in the first season, losing her fake parents and yeah, her aunt who was turned into a vampire is dead too...And she's lost her hot vampire boyfriend who is following the half vampire and half werewolf Klaus since he owes Klaus for saving Damon's life in Season 2...

Yeah, the story is pretty much messed up now since Elena doesn't want to be a vampire and that's the only differences from other stories whereby the girls are all dying to be vampires...
Imagine this situation, a girl is alone with a vampire and she's not running despite the fact that the vampire could kill her in a heart beat...

Vampire: Aren't you afraid of me? I could kill you.
Girl: I don't care. I want you to suck my blood so I can be one of you.
Vampire: If say so but it might hurt.
Girl: I don't care. BITE ME! I don't care if I die! Bite me!!!

Seriously, it sounds as bad as you have read it in my mind... I imagined the girl as a cookie and she must be a dumb one because who in the right mind would want to be bitten??? The only few problems I have against that situation despite my love for vampire stories is:

1. Doesn't it hurt? I mean you're letting a person bite you when it might hurt you since they are bitting into your flesh like a piece of meat!!!
3. What makes you think you'll survive once the vampire has started drinking your blood??? I mean it's like drugs to a drug addict and you can't just pull away and ask the vampire to stop!!! That's like an invitation to drink more and before you know it, you're dead and empty of blood...

So, bad ideas if you're thinking of offering your blood since there's a 99-1 chance of you surviving after offering your blood to a vampire...Yes, it's sexy and romantic but hello??? You'll die most times as the probability of you surviving is as high as putting a chicken in a lion's cage in a zoo....

Yes, changed your mind yet??? I sure did after thinking about it....No way would I ever offer unless it's to save someone else who isn't the UNDEAD!!!

Well, that's all for now...Time to go back to studying for my exam tomorrow!!! Wish me luck and have a great life people!!!


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