Friday, November 11, 2011

More Breaking Dawn Part 1 PICS!!!

As promised, I have found all the latest Breaking Dawn Part 1 pictures available on the web and since it's only two more weeks before the movie is released, I couldn't help myself but to UPLOAD ALL!!! I am so excited and I do hope you guys are too!!!

Check it out!!!

Jake, Leah and Seth are the new wolf gang in town but they're with the vampires this time again!!!Looks like the werewolves are mostly reunited with the vampires than they thought...

Another shot of the Jake but this time, he looks MAD like insane mad with the madness in his eyes!!! Wait, did I just use mad three times in this sentence???

Who says werewolves can't have fun??? This picture speaks for itself...I'm loving the love fest here and the view...The movies just keeps getting better each time!!!

Why so serious, Edward??? Aren't you too cool to be feeling the heat???

Bella: Now, what's his next move?
Edward: Bella, just move something before I go crazy.
Bella: Let me think, he can't know what I'm planning if I just think to myself.
Edward: Urgh...I know we have all eternity but can you take any more time.
Bella: What's the rush? It's not like you're getting any older.
Edward: Why did we get married again???

Just a little joke since I can't work out what they are actually saying...Looks like I'll have to watch the movie to find out....

Is it just me or did Kellan get bigger in size??? If his muscles get any bigger, I think his shirt might rip but not that I'm complaining if it does happen...

Alice: Do you get the feeling that they don't know what to do with us?
Jasper: What makes you think that?
Alice: Well, our hairstyles keep changing in every movie and they keep cutting my hair!
Jasper: And my hair is getting longer each movie.
Alice: Exactly. Before the next movie, I might actually have no hair left on my head if they keep this up.
Jasper: Well, I'll probably have a head full of long hair so I'll share some with you. They might as well change my name by then.
Alice: What's wrong with your name?
Jasper: Nothing but if my hair gets any longer, people can start calling me Hairy Potter...

Lame, I know but I was bored...Hehe!!!

That's all the pictures for now!!! Stay tuned for more news and hopefully, pictures too!!!


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