Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Strangers & Celebrating Christmas!!!

Okay, what is with people these days and talking to random strangers???

I don't mean going up to some random stranger at the bus stop and talking to them when clearly most of them are trying to do their own stuff which involves ignoring everyone else there because they don't know anyone else there.... I mean people adding random strangers on Facebook and talking to them!!! Hello??? Have you people ever heard of privacy??? Sure, I'm writing my thoughts here but there's nothing much here so yeah, I don't really bother about this blog since my main purpose of this blog is to express myself....But hello, Facebook is where you post pictures, videos and well, everything about YOU so WHY???

So, yeah. If you add me and I don't know you, sorry but I don't add strangers and that's the way it will be...And the worse part of it is...you tell these strangers what's going on in your life and you let them see who your friends are!!! You might as well just open your house front door for them to go into your house because that's basically what you're doing!!!

And another thing I can't figure out is why do people love to take pictures of themselves anyway??? Sure, that's the reason why cameras were created to snap pictures and to keep memories but why take pictures of only yourself randomly???

It's just like looking into the mirror and seeing your own reflection so why do it???

No, thanks...I rather stick to my plain old mirror because it's as much fun as snapping a picture of yourself!!!

Yes, Christmas is coming and guess who's coming to town????


And what does he carry with him for children all around the world???


I love Christmas because

1. It's Christmas so who doesn't???
2. Lots of presents!!!
3. It's a time to celebrate and gather with family members

I'm still trying to figure out what to ask for my Christmas present and yeah, I'm still a kid so I want a present of course!!! Say what you want but I'm not going to change my mind as long as there's presents!!!

Hmm...maybe I should ask Santa to help me pass my A-Levels because I'm hopeless at exams!!!

I hear Christmas songs playing in every mall so yeah, that's a good thing...Maybe it's a trick to get people to buy more because it's a holiday season so MORE MONEY!!! Hmm...what am I planning to buy if I went out shopping for fun???

1. Eclipse DVD

Say what you want but I didn't managed to buy it yet so yeah, my target is to get the DVD even though I already watched it...

2. Breaking Dawn OST

Yeah, I really love Christina Perri's song "A Thousand Years" because it matches the movie so well!!!

3. A new handbag

Because I ruined my previous one...It was pink and quite cute!!!

And...that's about all I want to buy...Yeah, short list but I can't think of what else to buy right now...

I wonder what to do now??? The internet connection is so slow today...



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