Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trouble Maker and Christmas!!!

Yeah, Christmas is coming and well, I got gifts for my parents already so HURRAY!!!

11 more days till Christmas!!! I love this time of the year!!! Lots and Lots and LOTS of PRESENTS!!!




Gingerbread man!!!

Did I mention presents yet???

And if you don't enjoy celebrating Christmas, well, try getting yourself a Christmas tree and putting it up in your home and it'll make you feel happy and joyful!!!

What's on my playlist today???

Well, how about Katy Perry "The One That Got Away"???

I love that song since it's about a lost love and holding onto true love...Yup, it's so sad when Katy loses the guy after a big fight...She never even got to say sorry to him after everything...

Yeah, I know it's not exactly festival song to out me in the mood to celebrate but hey, it's such a nice song...

Coming to think of it, I doubt I ever experience losing someone like that since I'm planning to be a spinster with 27 cats unless I do meet "the one" which is impossible in this world where the only person who counts is yourself... Yeah, I don't even know how I'll end up with 27 cats when I hate cats!!! They just have that sneaky look like they're planning something bad...

And why's youtube giving me such a hard time to watch old movies??? I been trying to watch Another Cinderella story but all the videos have been removed!!! What is wrong with Youtube???

Yup, it's pretty old and yet Youtube's giving me such a hard time just to watch it...

What's it about???

Well, it's something like Cinderella only she's the modern day Cinderella an her name isn't well, Cinderella...Her name's Mary and she's played by Selena Gomez and her Prince Charming is the one and only Drew Seeley who sang for Zac Efron in High School Musical 1...Yup, he's the ever popular guy in the school being chased by all the girls but the problem is he's looking for 'the one' so yeah, guess who she is??? Mary's like the least likely girl anyone would expect to catch his eyes but she does with her dancing during a dance and well, he wants her...

Okay, it sounds predictable but I still want to watch it so yeah, don't bother me...

And I love HyunA's latest song!!! It's so awesome and did I say how much I love her???

1. She's sexy...Look at those curve in the video...
2. She's a rapper which is way better than a singer...She can even rap in Japanese well...
3. She can be pretty or cute...
4. She's the best dancer in 4Minute
5. And what there not to love???

Yeah, watch the video if you don't believe me but caution this video contains some suggestive actions that well, shows sexiness... Check it out!!!

English Translation of Trouble Maker by HyunA

1! 2! 3!

When I look into your eyes, I'm a Trouble Maker
When I stand next to you, I'm a Trouble Maker
Little by little, more more more
As we go on, more more more
Now I can't help my heart either

* I'll keep being in front of you so you can't forget me
I'll keep shaking your heart so you can't escape me
I will steal your lips and run far away
I'm a Tro a a albe - Trouble, Trou, Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker Trouble Maker
Trouble Maker Trouble Maker

I will bite your heart and run away like a cat
You will keep getting irritated, so come to me and get mad
My sexy walk ignites the inside of your head
The slight skinship - your eyes on your face say you can't take it anymore

As I go on, you'll fall even deeper - I like you the more I get to know you baby
I think I am drunk with thoughts of you Lady
I never never never stop

* repeat

Trouble Maker Trouble Maker
Trouble Maker Trouble Maker

How can I put you in my heart (Trouble Maker)
Now I will go wherever my heart takes me
I never never stop - I can't stop

* repeat

Trouble Maker Trouble Maker
Trouble Maker Trouble Maker

Yeah, I guess I love this song mainly because I'm a trouble maker myself!!! Hehe!!! Enjoy and have a great holiday peeps!!! I'm still trying to figure out what I want to write in my letter to Santa...Do you think he has internet so I can email my letter??? Or should I head to the South Pole and install fibre optic for him??? Just another random thought in my mind...Hehe!!!

Until next time...Stay cool everyone and yeah, I got to put up my Christmas tree before Christmas ends...


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