Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Alright then.... I'm back again!!! Well, this time I decided to write out my New Year's Resolutions so that hopefully I will decide to complete my entire list this year. Most of the past years I have decided to throw it away due to my laziness. Yes, now you know how lazy i truly am. Well, I am hoping to complete it all and I will write the end of the year to show if I did achieve my goal!!! Hopefully I do!!! WIsh me luck then!!!

1. Update my blog more often
2. Study hard for my A-levels
3. Clear my room(Always on my list!)
4. Save more of my pocket money
5. Start thinking like a college student(I can't wait)
6. Learn to drive like a pro fast(Yes, I can't wait to learn!!!)
7. Write my stories finish(I don't think i will have time but I will try)
8. Keep up with my friends!!!
9. Help anyone who needs my help
10. Check my email often(I seriously had more than 2000 over emails once!!! In a few months and I was so freaked out!!!)

Well, it sounds simple this time but believe me when I do say that I LOVE to be lazy!!! I can't help it but I tend to avoid doing task!!! Oh, I'm rambling again. Gosh, why is the weather is cold and why is it raining??? Gosh, I think I am not warm blooded!!! Going of topic again!!! Anyhow, I am going to try to complete all this things on my list!!! So, wish me luck!!!

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