Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Randon Posting!!!

Basically like any other former school student in Malaysia, I am bored of my life after SPM exams is over cuz I am doing nothing.I'm serious!!! I am just sleeping, walking around, eating and reading books!!! I feel like a PIG!!!I should just go Oink these days and paint my entire body PINK!!!Well, I was SUPPOSED to meet up with my friends anytime possible but nowadays it seems as though everyone is busy with their college life so here I am writing about my miserable life!!! My best friend, Xheylie is attending National service and I miss talking to her!!! She always smses me but it isn't the same as talking to her. Well, I am debating on which college I am attending and it seems so difficult to choose. I have narrowed it down to two well-established law colleges but each school seems alike in every way possible!!! It is like picking between two chocolate bars. I guess when I first started high school, I was desperate to leave but now I miss my school days!!! I miss three things mostly.

1. My friends
2. Hanging out with my friends
3. Ditching classes

So, I guess i miss mostly my friends! But the truth is my friends and I have gone through so much together and it wouldn't be right for me to just forget about them. My friends and I have fought with each other, cried and laughed together and it may not seem perfect at times but I do need them in my life. Here are a few memories that I miss of my friends badly.

1. Elaine and her funny stunts of chasing after my guy friends. She makes me laugh everyday
2. The cute Mayee with her Kevin and Khunnie talk whenever she isn't ditching school
3. The smart Katherine(aka Kat) who always helps me whenever I have a problem in my studies
4. The open minded Leanne who is always talking about out of the box subjects and laughs really loud.
5. The always missed Rachel who visits us at school whenever possible and of course her creation of the fairytale story.
6. Grace, the one who always listens to everyone's problems and advises well
7. My best friend, Xheylie with our random talks about absolutely anything for hours
8. Maggie who always tries her best to understand me and make me smile
9. The funny Lam who does really weird stunts who is also smart and helps me with my maths and add maths problems even after I insulted him many times
10. The little Kai Ling who is really cute and friendly.
11. The really quiet Patrick who is really quite smart but modest.
12. The penguin Jac and always seems to be missing from school due to her health problems and her constant arguement with Jay!!! They seem so cute together!! Hehe!!

I guess high school wasn't so terrible after all with a group of wacky friends who make life seem so fun! So remember to spend every moment with your friends to the fullest because you will might never get the chance in the future. Now, I shall revisit my past in my mind and maybe even laugh at the funny moments!!!

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