Sunday, January 16, 2011

My College Life:Part 1

I can't believe that I finally graduated from High school!!! I am so happy but at the same time a little sad about that as I miss my high school friends!!! I can't wait to start my college life though!! I am studying the subjects that I am interested in!!! And guess what??? No maths calculation....Oh wait there is a little maths for economics but at least not the really complicated additional mathematics in high school that cracked my brain so badly. I think I have a love-hate relationship with maths subjects!!! I am finally free from those torturous subjects and finally I have moved forward to college!!! HURRAY!!!
Too bad my holiday was cut short by my sudden registration into the January intake and I was even surprised that they EVEN accepted me with my horrible trial results!!! Well, my results wasn't that bad but it was terrible to ME!!! I mean it was soooo embarassing to even mention it anyone!!! Tomorrow will be my first day and I am super excited for college!!! HEHE!!! Most of my friends have already started their college but frankly I wouldn't have mind taking the March intake but oh well!!! I can't refuse that offer. I hope that I will not be lost in Kuala Lumpur as tomorrow will be my first time riding on the LRT and Monorail alone!!! It will also be my third time riding on any public transportation!!! I am dead serious about that!!!

I really doubt that college life would be as simple as those shown on in the American movies/shows as first of all, I am NOT living in America!!! All I know about college life is based mainly on my friends experience so I will not judge anything...yet. All this talk of college has gotten to me and I doubt that I will be able to sleep at all tonight. I am always restless on my first day to school and college might be worse for me!!! I do hope that it wouldn't be bad or I might cry. All the best to me then!!! I have crossed my fingers and I will find out tomorrow!!!


  1. So, how was your first day in college? Did it go well? College can be very different because you may not get to see your friends in the same campus. That is why people get so nervous. They're nervous to be alone in an unfamiliar crowd.

    Dolly Paolucci

  2. @Dollie Well, it was AWESOME!!! I mean I get to learn how to be independent plus I made lots of friends...Thanks for the words of wisdom, Dollie and sorry for the late reply...My seniors seems to be okay enough too...At least they don't seem to bite people's head off or pick on the juniors...BTW I finished college in Nov...Waiting for my A-Levels results now...