Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My College Life: Part 2

The First day of college was the scariest day for me as I barely knew anyone there. I was all alone in a strange place where I have NEVER been to!!!I felt nervous and i was sweating bullets!!! But I am pretty pleased with my college as it has really awesome facilities there!! I have met some great friends there too and they are really friendly and different from High School!!! I can't believe my luck!!! I guess that most of my new classmates felt the same way too as we were from different places and all we wanted was to fit in the college without feeling alone. I mean who wouldn't want to fit in???

I hope that my college experience will be unforgettable for me as I really want to remember this great experience!!! I have met incredible people who seem really nice and friendly though I barely know them. I think that many people especially you readers would want my experience too and the truth is those American movies are lies!!! Don't assume that college life would be exactly the same as it really isn't in my case. So forget about Gossip Girls or 90210 as it makes it seem as though the school/college is filled with bullies and cheerleaders who rule the school!!! IT IS SOOO FAKE!!! My advise to you all is to be yourself and don't pretend to be someone else. People will like you if you show them how you really are but of course try talking about basic things to check if you shared a similar interest then leave the rest to fate!! There is bound to be someone who wants to be your friends. I have learn certain new things since I attended college!!!

1. How to use the LRT
2. How to use the Monorail
3. To be independent(I travel into the city central by myself everyday to college!!!)

I guess I am pretty lucky to be doing this by myself. Well, college seems like a great place for me!!! You should experience it yourself to know!!!Have fun!!!

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