Thursday, January 13, 2011

New season of Merlin the series!!!

This is one of the first show that caught my attention while I was a non-twilight freak!! It was filled with fantasy yet some cool special effects to match!!! The series is based on the legend of King Arthur but mostly focuses on Merlin, Arthur's helper. He is gifted with magic powers and he is forced to hide his secret from anyone or he will face death as commanded by Arthur's father, Uther Pendragon. He has to face many obstacles in his life to ensure that Arthur will achieve his destiny as the greatest King of Camelot including the loss of his long lost father also known as the Dragon Master. This season will be more focused on Morgana's rise to her evil fate as she tries to be rid of Arthur in order to possess the throne and be known as queen! Besides that, the series will focus on the love story between Gwen and Arthur as they are fated to be together. To be honest, I wasn't glad with the actress playing Gwen as she doesn't fit the description of Gwen who is seen as a lady with endless beauty and I opted to watch Katie Mcgrath who plays Morgana as she is so beautiful. I would have preferred a switch between the two actresses as Katie would be a much better match for Arthur played by Bradley James perfectly as an arrogant yet brave prince who actually has a heart for magic which his father has forbidden due to his wife's death. I could imagine the chemistry between Katie and Bradley to be really strong but unfortunately it isn't possible to switch but oh well, I still enjoy the show!!!Seriously, watch the chemistry between Angel Coulby and Bradley and you could not even sense the feeling of love between them at all. I guess not everything can be perfect. I might sound offensive towards Angel Coulby but I am not against her because of her race so I hope you readers who have a liking towards her will not misunderstand my words. I am a really BIG fan of Merlin and I hope that as the show progresses that the chemistry will too!!! Fingers crossed!!!In the mean time, I hope you are watching the show as it is really a great show to entertain yourself with.

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