Thursday, January 13, 2011

My New Favourite TV Show: Victorious

This show is sooo cool!!! Notice my long soooooo earlier!!!But honestly, this show is fun filled and really cool. It has a song every three episodes and so far there are 6 songs!!! I have it all and the songs are really catchy!!!

1. Make It Shine(Theme Song)
2. You're the Reason(Birthweek episode)
3. Tell Me That You Love Me
4. Finally Falling(Tori the Zombie)
5. Freak The Freak Out
6. Give It Up

Trust me that the songs are really good to listen to and I would recommend Freak the freak out and give it up. Try listening to songs now!!! You will not be disappointed with the tracks and most of the cast are really talented. They are quite good at acting, dancing and even singing especially Victoria Justice!!! She is the star of the show and plays Tori Vega who was discovered and she got a place at Hollywood arts and she finds herself in a different world!!! She underestimates herself and doesn't see her talent. She finds friends and she soon discovers that she truly belongs in the school all along. She is really funny at times and although I wish for more songs, I can't help but enjoy watching the show!!! I can't wait for more songs and episode but until then I will watch the reruns again!!!

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