Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blue!!! And Old songs are in my head!!

Okay... What is there to ramble about today besides my boring day at home??? Oh well, I cleared mt room but seriously, who wants to know about that???

Next, I just realized that I am listening to all my old songs when I was young...
1. Don't say you love me-M2M
2. You Are-Atomic Kitten
3. Deja Vu-Beyonce feat. Jay Z
4. Born to Make You Happy-Britney Spears
5. A Whole New World-Disney Soundtrack

Okay, I just noticed that the first two songs listed are actually by groups that have disbanded...And seriously, they were all the rage back in the late 1990's... Yes, I am not that old... And Beyonce is married to Jay Z now... And Britney has broken up with Justin but hey, I loved these songs because they were always on the TV at one time and because I somehow, have a sudden urge to listen to theses songs...Makes me miss my childhood at times and now I realized how BIG i have grown...Like a BIG giant HIPPO!!!

And here's a little memo to random strangers who add me on Facebook for no reason, please stop adding me for no reason because I am just going to ignore your request unless I know you so don't waste your time adding me because I don't add strangers... Why you ask???

1. Because you're a stranger to me. Makes sense yet???
2. I have important stuff on my account which are personal to me and NOT to be shared to the
world so I just don't like sharing everything about me...
3. Hasn't your parent told you not to talk to random strangers??? That rule applies to Facebook
too so stop adding me!!!

Want to know what I am talking about these days??? Just follow my blog...Yes, this blog and keep reading for my latest post to understand what goes around in my head... Or if you are too lazy to check often, just follow me on twitter.... Yes, that icon on my blog which links you to twitter, click it and add me!!! Thanks for your cooperation but remember, don't add me on my Facebook unless you know me personally then please tell me who you are because I don't know from reading your name..Trust me, people use all kinds of names like some really long Japanese name and believe me, I was thinking who is this dude???

How in the world am I supposed to learn how to write fast??? Are you kidding me??? Three long essays in 2 hours and 30 minutes???? Is that a joke because I doubt any NORMAL human can do that!!! I got to train myself to write without thinking before my exam comes or I am so dead.... Please help me, somebody!!! Any advice to write faster???

I need a faster brain to think faster and better....How come computers can switch their parts when they are outdated but humans can't??? It's so not fair... I envy my computer now... *Glares at computer*

Do homosexual guys really wear tighter shirts than normal guys??? That thought just came in my head because of Mr. Aria who pointed that fact out... But I thought that some guys who work out a lot also love to wear tight shirts to show off their bodies.... I always wondered if their shirts shrank in the washing machine.... No offence though... I was so young then so my thought wondered....

Why do girls like pink stuff anyway??? I hate PINK!!! Like everything PINK is a BIG NO-NO to me!!! I have a friend who LOVES PINK and I was wondering why??? She said it was cute...Okay, I hate cute and PINK... Want to know which color is the best to me??? It's BLUE!!! I LOVE BLUE!!! Blue eyes like Logan Lerman, blue like the ocean and more...

Time for me to start studying again...Maybe next time I could go swimming in Logan's eyes...


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