Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Today was the best day EVER for me!!!! Well, it's not everyday that a girl turns 18 so hey, of course I am going to post about this moment!!! I am legally an adult!!! HURRAY!!!

Okay, I have to admit that this year's birthday wasn't as exciting as last year because my High School friends decided to throw me a surprise bash at school and it was filled with gifts, more surprises and CAKE!!! Yes, a huge chocolate cake!! That was also the year I received my BIG teddy bear from a couple of my friends who are Patrick, Lam, Kai Ling and Maggie!!! Thank you guys so much for that wonderful gift!!!

And my other crazy friends that decided to come up with surprises the entire day to celebrate and the finale ended with a BIG SPLASH!! Like literally!!! They wet me in my uniform for FUN!!! I loved that year so much even if I didn't want a BIG fuss about my Birthday... It was really thoughtful of them!!!

This year, I had to attend college on my Birthday and I woke up like super early, thanks to my wonderful sister who had to do something... Anyway, I went to open my Facebook and BAM!!! There were like 30 something over post on my wall!!! Like seriously, all wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Of course it took me some time to thank all the really nice friends on my Facebook and I was clear....I went to class and people start wishing me happy birthday when I thought that no one would know about my birthday...I was hoping it would be a secret but oh well!!! My classmates are really great this year....Great people!!!

And the greatest surprise was my close college friend, Lynn who I had only known for a few months knew my birthday!!! I was hoping she didn't know but she texted me when we were i the same class!!! How sweet is that??? And I was wondering how she knew when she wasn't on Facebook and her answer was she saw my IC number...She's officially my No.2 stalker now!!! Hehe!!!

And now, my notification box is still filling up as I am blogging....My fingers are tired as I have to answer every single one of the post to thank all the really great people who seem to know about my birthday!!! You know, I got a great work out for my birthday and I even got a handmade sweet from my sister...Awww, so sweet....No, I mean the candy is really sweet.... You thought I meant the gesture of my sister....Okay, it is a little sweet of her....

So, I didn't get a cake this year or gifts but it's the thoughts that count and this year, there was a LOT!!! Hehe!!! I am planning to eat my imaginary cake now so please excuse me...Hehe!!

PS. Dear wifey, thank you for 'writing' a best seller book about me and I do hope you will give me part of the profit or at least buy me my dream car....Thank you again for crapping and being my NO. 1 stalker...Stalk me anytime!!!

P.S.S Thank you to my girls in Royalties too for making my day shine brighter with your wishes!! You girls really did remember!!! Thank you girls!!!!

P.S.S.S Thank you to my close friends at college, Lynn, Cleo and Kelly for knowing about my birthday even if I tried to hide it from people...Hehe!!Thank you also to my Bunnyful Pang, Maggie!!! You are still the sweetest candy to me...I still have the lolipop representing you from the longkang family box!!! Hehe!!!

That's all for now!!! My special day is almost over now....Thank you people for a great day!!!


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