Saturday, February 19, 2011

Driving Time: Part 1!!!!

There's a time in a parent's life that they will regret ever setting foot into the car driven by their children and it's my parents' turn again!!! HURRAY!!! Well, it wasn't my idea to register for driving as I was perfectly content with riding the public transportation to college but my parents decided that it was long passed overdue so here we are at this topic. I remembered when it was my sister's turn last year....It was the time I was fully concentrating on the road and also fearing for my life!!!! I almost scream out certain times especially when we reversed out a parking space!!! It was the worst time of my life but my sister's driving skills have improved!!! Thank goodness or I might need another seatbelt to restrain myself from running out the car every second!!!

So,, today I was forced to endure 5 long....and I mean really long hours of lecture from a driving manual that even I could spend my precious time reading at home in the comfort of my bed but no....The driving school had to make it compulsory to sit through those hours in their headquarters and listen to the sound of voices from the instructors reading every word from the book that I have!!! Do they just wanna waste my time????I spent most of my time there listening and taking notes like a good student that I am suppose to be while being surrounded by strangers whom barely talk at all!!! I mean I would find a better conversation in a funeral compared to the small room!!! Apparently, Malaysians have decided to keep to themselves and it drives me crazy!!!Oh,, there was this two guys who sat right behind me and they kicked my seat several times!!!! They clearly knew that they did it and yet nothing!!! Not even a word. I wouldn't have minded once but it was several hard kicks which bothered me badly. My butt does not want to be treated as a football, guys!!!So,, why did they bother me soooo many times for no reason???? I will never know that.
Next, these two guys spent the entire journey to the headquarters in the same van as me( I could just jump out the van any moment!!!!)talking about premed and biology!!! and they were so cocky!!! I mean they said things like:
1. I'm going to be the best scorer for SPM in biology and the whole world.
2. If I go for an interview, I would just come out in 10 minutes unlike others who will come out in 25 minutes
3. Just try Monash and all the other colleges then when you get places, you have choices!!!
I mean hello??? Not everyone takes Biology in the world and unless you are the next Enstein, you can't be the best in the world!!! If you go in for an interview with that air of arrogance, you would never be selected. They want people who are humble!!! Next, what makes them think that every college would fight for them???? WOW!!! If they are future doctors, I would not want to go to their hospital!!! I might die of an arrogant overdose!!! So, no I didn't get to drive yet but I will once I pass my theory exam which i need to study Hopefully, I am NOT together with those two guys again because they seriously need new brains!!!Is this the new generation of man??? Because if this is how man will all be like, I am done with any guy for now!!! And ever!!!Can you imagine what they would say to their wives.
1. Honey, you are so lucky that I married you because I am one handsome husband
2. Honey, you don't need to work because clearly I am better in everything than you!!!
I guess I don't want to stick around to see that ending as it wouldn't end well!!! well,, it has been a really tiresome day so time to hit the sacks!!! I really need to prepare my moral presentation soon!!! It's due on next Wednesday!!! Wish me luck to succeed in presenting!!! Until next time!!!

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