Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Own Amazing Race Experience!!!

I never thought that I would actually experience that anxious feeling that most of the contestants on the show felt as they face difficulties to get a taxi/cab to head to a destination but I did actually yesterday. I followed my mum to Pudu as she was headed to a nearby hospital there when we realized that we were headed the wrong direction so we decided to take a taxi and boy, was it a tough task. We stood at the pavement and tried our best to wave a taxi down but there wasn't one that stopped for us!!! It is really surprising as Kuala Lumpur is SUPPOSED to be full of cabs!!! I guess that I could have killed someone if I had waited longer but luckily a taxi spotted us and stopped for us.

I was so glad when we finally got a cab and we reached our destination safely(Of course I did or I wouldn't have write about this at this moment. Next, another misfortune hit us. We headed to the Plaza Rakyat station and it was so scary!!! The walkway was completely isolated from the outside world and my mum and I were quite surprised at the current state of the station. The LRT station has always catered to tourist as well as Malaysian citizens so why was the place in that bad condition??? Imagine yourself as a tourist from the United Kingdom and you paid the LRT station a visit, what are your first impression of the place??? Mine would be eerie, dangerous, and secluded. I do hope that these conditions will be fixed up properly as we have a certain standard to live up to in order to live up to the world!!!There was an LRT heading towards Sentul Timur that was stuck at that exact station too and we were stranded there for a few minutes!!! Talk about a waste of time!!! Luckily things settled down but I have vowed to never stop at the Plaza Rakyat station again!!!

Apart from those incidents, I guess everything else ran smoothly but I do wonder why these thing happened. Yesterday must have been my unlucky day too. I walked into a pipe sticking out of nowhere and scrapped my leg, I dropped some food on my pants, I dropped my spoon onto my lap, I tripped over my sister's leg and almost fell on the road, I almost tripped over my house gate and ...well that's about all. That's me always clumsy but I can't help it!!! I think that I was born with two left feets!!! I can barely walk without tripping over something and it isn't even possible to be that clumsy!!! Imagine me in high heels, well I will die if I do were one. Technically I did wear one but it kid of broke as I ran in it. It isn't my fault!!! The shoes are just uncomfortable for me!!!
Anyhow, enough of my miserable life so now I a just going to listen to my songs now!!! Until next time then!!!

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