Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Few Extra Pictures Just For Your Entertainment!!!

First, one of my favourite scenes from Playful Kiss!!! It's Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni in the hospital after Ha Ni manages to save Seung Jo's little brother and she was caught up in her emotions that she cried over everything and Seung Jo comforted her for the first time!!!I knew that he was starting to realize his feelings towards her but he wasn't ready to admit yet.

Next, is also another scene from Playful Kiss and I am still in love with this drama!!! This is after they shared a kiss in the rain when Seung Jo admitted his feelings toward Ha Ni when he found out earlier that he might actually lose his true love to another guy!!! I knew this day would come and it did!!! Don't they look good together???

This was the beautiful rain scenee where Seung Jo finally admitted his feelings and they kissed!!! Like the real extreme one!!! And they were engaged on that night too after Seung Jo asked for Ha Ni"s hand from her father!!! Oh, I was soooo happy!!! My heart flew!!!

Now, this are the pictures of the times they kissed throughout the entire drama!!! And it was so nice!!! I almost died watching all those episodes especially the wedding episode!!! It was so perfect to me!!!
1st kiss- Graduation night at a restaurant and Seung Jo made the first move by kissing her!!!
2nd kiss- Seung Jo kissed Ha Ni again as she was asleep on a bench at the pension and she thought it was a dream. Eun Jo witnessed everything and that's when he realized his older brother's feelings for Ha Ni!!!
3rd kiss- In the rain where he admitted his feelings!!!
4th kiss-Their wedding!!! And Ha Ni kissed Seung Jo first!!! Everyone laughed at her boldness!!!

That's all the pictures that I am sharing for now!!! Don't worry!!! I have lots more pictures that remains close to me. I will upload it when I have more time!!! Until next time!!!!

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