Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am a Korean addict!!!

Yes, I am finally admitting my addiction after so long but I finally came to my senses after I realized that I would keep listening to my collection of korean songs repeatedly on my player on the way to college or even....well ANYWHERE and I barely touched my english collection of songs when I usually download lots of english songs but these past few days, I have been watching korean videos on youtube and I think I am hooked on it already!!! Like a drug addict on drugs except I am not doing drugs so don't misunderstand what I say because I am NOT a drug addict!!! Is that clear???? Anyway, you must be wondering how I got hooked on the Korean craze anyway and it was my dear sister, Celine who decided to start watching korean dramas starting with Boys Over Flowers and I was hooked to that drama almost immediately and that was two years ago!!! Next, I started my small collection of korean songs and pictures and listened to several songs that caught my attention but not until this year did I start collecting videos too!!! Currently, I am in love with the girl groups Secret and 4 minute too!!! Check them out!!!

Here's Secret!!! They are currently promoting their latest single 'Shy Boy' and I think their previous single was better but Secret all the way!!!

Next, this is 4 minute and I am addicted to their songs!!! I love HyunA's style and her parts are so cool!!! She raps so well and she's also the best dancer in the whole group!! Don't believe me then check out their videos and you will understand what I mean.
So, I should stop listening but Kpop is all the rage nowadays!!! And I can't help but listen because their songs have catchy beats to it!!!Try listening to a couple of korean songs and you will understand what I mean!!! Everyone knows Super Junior and SNSD but I believe that these two girl groups are the next thing and I will be looking out for them!!! HURRAY!!! Like most people say, if you can't beat them, join them!!! So that's what I shall do. Hehehe!!!

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