Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My time is almost up....SPM time!!!

So, this morning I woke up and I was incredibly tired but very much excited to return to college again as I managed to complete my English legal system assignments yesterday before my bedtime so hurray for me!!! Then, I took the LRT from my usual station and I had a little scare from the conductor who decided to press the button that announced that we were headed to Ampang and I freaked out!!!I even thought of ways to get to Hang Tuah station which seemed crazy enough but I was not thinking straight then!!! I was in a rush and I got that???? Boy, what a morning it was. Later I was having English Legal system class and we were told to submit our essays to the lecturer and he was dumbfounded when he noticed that all the students had only written about half a page of essay when he wanted at least two pages so I was shocked and I thought that he might actually ask us to rewrite and pass up next Tuesday.

Anyway, we continued to study and I received another shocking news!!! SPM results are coming out on the 28th of this month and I wasn't ready to face the music yet!!! I almost died at the spot my friend broke the news to me as I think I really messed up my papers!!! Like it all and I don't know how I did!!! Gosh, I am so scared to get my results back now!!! I'm freaking out as I'm too young to die young!!!! I need to have some time to say my final word because my parents are gonna kill me for messing up!!!
I need a plan!!!I think I'm being punished for not studying!! Why me????
well, I'm supposed to be doing my economics essays now as I have not even started and I am dead if I don't complete it by tonight!!! I'm commiting suicide but I just wanted to type this as it might be my final words!!!

I bet geniuses don't feel how I'm feeling now... I feel afraid, cold, like I'm going insane at this news and my moral presentation is tomorrow!!! I can't mess it up or I will be letting my group members down. I need to be like a star!!! Fierce and bold at once!!! Like Beyonce!!! Now, how to shake my butt???? I think I need a lot of practise so I'm heading off to complete my homework now as I'm really tired!!! College life is really tiring and I can't even keep my eyes open now!!! Until next time!!!

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